2019-2020 Update International Medical Benefits: PSC Employees of USAID-Cigna Global Health: Medical, Dental / Vision, Air Ambulance, Wellness (Offered Through Offshore Health Benefits)

Good news! Offshore Health Benefits & Cigna Global Health have teamed up to offer new plans to the contracted PSC Employees of USAID. We have been receiving requests for alternatives to Aetna International, WEA, VUMI, and ALLIANZ.(please note that we are no longer offering the PA Group-WEA Plan due to claims issues and other member problems). We are taking calls seven days a week through 2020 to assist you! Contact Offshore Health Benefits for more information and a quote. You may reach the team at USA TEL: 512-296-4976, or WhatsApp at 512-296-4976, or send a request to quote here: https://offshorehealthbenefits.com/. Call us over the holiday, we don’t mind. – Robert Tillotson, Offshore Health Benefits

Cigna Global is superior to Aetna International MHP for the following reasons:

The Cigna Global plan options are open to USA and Non-USA residents and USA Coverage is not mandatory. The result is a tailored made plan with three levels of global medical coverage. Cigna International also allows for some pre-existing conditions and will rate as needed. An applicant may chose his or her own benefit design: inpatient, outpatient, dental & vision, air ambulance, health & wellness benefits, in addition to deductible and co-insurance levels. Aetna offers take all or nothing approach, we think you deserve options.


Cigna Global continues to allow experienced consultants / brokers, like Offshore Health Benefits, to serve as a third party advocate for you and your family (so important with claims, renewals, etc). Aetna International is doing away with brokers & agents in regards to the MHP plan options which basically means a member has no one backing them with individual & family coverage , claims issues, renewals, emergencies, etc.

Cigna offers offers a very large network throughout the USA and abroad. https://hcpdirectory.cigna.com/web/public/consumer/directory

The Medical Underwriting process is quick (application process) and turnaround is usually less than a week. We follow the application through the process.

Wherever you go to live and work, it’s important for you and your family to have the health insurance plan that’s right for you. Cigna international private medical insurance can give you the health care coverage you and your family need, where and when you need it. We go where you go, with our extensive network of 250,000 health care professionals.

Review the Plan Options Here: Cigna Intl Close Care Plan Brochure Nov 2019